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Hudsonville LL Covid-19 Update

Hudsonville Little League Covid-19 Update

Players, Coaches, Families, & Fans:

A little over a week ago we got back the majority of the survey information that we had put out to players and coaches regarding where players and coaches stood with what was now a June 1 start date.  After reviewing the results of the surveys, we were happy to see that 85% of the league still wished to continue on in hopes of completing a season at the end of July or first week of August (games played Monday - Thursday).  

Last week Hudsonville LL Board Members and Division Directors began re-assessing plans to re-align teams and divisions based on the results of the surveys.  We also began looking reducing the number of players and positions on certain age level teams as part of a safety plan that was being placed together in anticipation of season play.  We have put together a plan based on guidelines set forth by the CDC and other states such as Ohio as a template while awaiting the guidelines from the State of Michigan.  

The goal was to launch practices the week of June 1 and games the week of June 15.  Many other leagues that we have been in contact with have felt that pushing the starting point past these dates would result in the cancellation of their spring/ summer seasons.  Many from the HLL Board have also agreed with that stance, however, if the date were to be moved back again, but a date was set (such as June 15) that we could begin play with the meeting of State Guidelines... we would move the date back once again.

On Friday May 23rd, the State at Home Order was extended to June 12 with the State of Emergency extended to June 19.  Continuing with the trend over the past 2 months, no target date for allowance of any youth sports has been given, nor have any guidelines.  It is believed at this time, that we will not be able to get on to a field to participate in organized practices as a league until after July 4 at the earliest.  We have been in contact with other leagues througout District 9 West Michigan, and have decided that we have no choice at this time to cancel the 2020 Spring/ Summer Hudsonville LL season for team events.   As you can imagine, this was a very tough decision.

FORWARDED BALANCES/ REFUNDS - There will be separate emails regarding Refunds and how we will proceed forward.  Those of you will responded to the surveys with "3"s and "4"s, you will receive confirmation emails.  Those of you who responded with "1"s, "2"s, or if we did not receive a response... you will receive a separate email to inquire on how you would like to proceed for with forwarding your balance or refund.

Does this mean that there will be no ball for this summer?  NO  HLL still remains committed to getting those kids that wish to play ball on the field once it has been deemed safe and in a manner that is safe for them.   If we (West Michigan) do get the approval to open sports for kids, we do have a plan in place to hold what we will call a Sandlot Season.  This would be an organized series of games with players and coaches available on particular weeknights.   More information will be sent to division's players and coaches after the website is adjusted in the coming days.  These games will be a lot of fun, as the format was extremely successful with last year's Seniors Softball. 

Will there be an additional cost for these games?  No   Hudsonville LL must still continue to maintain its fields as we normally do.  Uniforms will be saved for use for the 2021 season.  The Sandlot Games will remain an option for all players still choosing to play with their balances forwarded to a future season (or with a balance that has not been fully refunded yet).

Will there be safety precautions in place for Sandlot Games?  Yes, HLL has a current plan based on CDC recommendations and the State of Ohio... but will not be implemented or released until the State of Michigan has give approval to play and released a set of guidelines that we must take in to account per Little League instructions/ requirements.

If you have any further questions at this time, please contact your Division Director.

We appreciate your continued patience and all of the support that has been shown to the league during this time.


On behalf of the Hudsonville Little Board

Tim Weber - Hudsonville LL President

by posted 05/27/2020
Heads Up Concussion Information

Parents and Coaches,
Effective July 1, 2013, the state of Michigan has adopted a "Sports Concussion Law".  All players must complete this form:http://michigan.gov/documents/mdch/Parentandathleteinfosheet_415328_7.pdf and give to their coaches as soon as possible.

A brief explanation of the law is as follows:

A concussion is a brain injury, caused by a blow, bump or jolt to the head that can have serious consequences. It can occur in any sport or recreational activity.

Michigan was the 39th U.S. state to enact a law that regulates sports concussions and return to athletic activity.  The law goes into full effect on June 30th, 2013.

The sports concussion legislation requires all coaches, employees, volunteers, and other adults involved with a youth athletic activity to complete a concussion awareness on-line training program.



More information can be found here: http://www.michigan.gov/mdch/0,4612,7-132-54783_63943---,00.html

Coaches also need to complete an online training course which can be found here:http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/Training/index.html

by posted 02/28/2017
Edit My Account

 Logging into your personal account on our site.  Please click the "Edit My Account" button on the lower left menu and then enter your email address only, it will send you a password for your account.  

You can then go in and edit the options available, such as text messaging, e-mailing notification regarding games, pubic/private/roster viewing of your info (please use Roster if not a coach), etc.  This screen also links to all members of your family as well.

While at this screen, you are also able to update your contact information so Hudsonville Little League always has the most up-to-date info.  If you want multiple emails on your account, please put a semicolon ";" after the first email and then enter the second email.  

To change any information in the registration system that your child is signed up for follow these steps:

  • Register Online, select the Division your child is signed up in.
  • Sign in with email/password if not already signed in
  • Your family info will be listed, click on the edit icon to left of name
  • Click 'Submit' after confirming contact info is correct
  • The questionnaire will come up and allow changes.
  • For more detailed instructions with pictures, click here.
  • You can also view the YouTube video on the right side of home page for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact @hudsonvillelittleleague.com 

by posted 02/02/2010
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