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Hudsonville Little League

Softball 8u Tournament Playing Rules




  1. A regulation game consists of 6 innings.
  2. No inning past 75 minutes (umpire will log start time)
  3. An 11” softball will be used.
  4. Coaches will pitch from 30-35 ft.

e.If a game is halted due to weather after three (3) or more innings have been completed, it will be considered a regulation game.  (2.5 innings if the home team is ahead)

  1. Players must field a minimum of nine (9) defensive outs per game, unless the game is shortened for any reason.  PENALTY: player is required to play the entire next scheduled game in the field.
  2. 4 outfielders (10 defensive players) is mandatory.  Umpire shall not allow ‘rover’ positioning.
  3. Offensive team may only score five (5) runs in each of the first 4 innings.
  4. Pitcher must position no closer to batter than 35 ft.
  5. A batted ball that hits the coach is a dead ball.  Runners advance only to the next base.
  6. Once ball is possessed by any player in the infield, runners advance only to the next           base.  (Infield is considered within 10 ft of the baseline from the outfield/ grass-line)  As long as a player is no longer in contact with a base when an infielder gains possession, she is entitled to attempt to advance.
  7. If a player advances illegally, and an out is made on that player while the play is still live, then that player is out.  If the player is safe after advancing illegally, the player will be sent back to the previous base.
  8. No runners may advance on overthrows made by a player on the infield.
  9. No walks.
  10. Batter receives not more than seven (7) pitches to complete the at bat.  If 7th pitch is hit foul, additional pitches allowed, until missed swing, no swing, or batted ball in play.
  11. Two (2) adult base coaches are allowed.  A third adult may do the pitching.
  12. No bunting
  13. No stealing
  14. Runners allowed to leave the base only after ball is batted.
  15. 5-run Rule (rule h) is no longer in effect once pool play is completed, or in the final 2 round of a double elimination bracket. (Depending on how tournament is structured).
  16. When Rule H is no longer in effect, there will be a mercy rule of 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, and 8 runs after 5 innings.
  17. Substitutions – Continuous Batting (all players bat) and Free Defensive Substitutions
  18. No Infield Fly Rule
  19. No ‘on-deck’ circle - practice swings allowed ONLY in batter’s box.
  20. Pre-game batting practice:  Hitting aids, such as plastic or foam balls and hit sticks, are allowed at all levels.  
    1. No aids may be used upon start of game.
  21. Batting practice using regulation balls is allowed ONLY in the batting cages, and shall NOT be allowed on the fields during pre-game warm-up.8
  22.  8 PLAYERS PER TEAM, MINIMUM, TO PLAY A GAME.  Visiting team may start with less than 8 players but must field 8 players in bottom of 1st inning.
  23. Once game begins, no swings are allowed on or around the field of play, except for the batter, per rule ‘4c’.
  24. Umpires and Managers will make cancellation decisions at game time.
  25. Games will be cancelled if Thunderstorm or Tornado warning or Tornado watch occurs 1 hour before game.  In the event of lightning or thunder, game must be stopped until a 15 minute period has elapsed without lightning or thunder.
  26. Bats must meet all LL specifications.
  27. Players age is based on their age as of 12-31 of prior year.
  28. Tournament will be formatted by either Pool Play with Single Elimination Brackets for Pool Champs (possible “next best”) or by Double Elimination Brackets depending on how many teams are registered.  This decision will be made approximately one week prior to the tournament.
  29. Tie Breakers are based on record of head to head games.  If multiple games exist, and the records tie; then head to head score will be the tie-breaker.  The 3rd tie-breaker will be  +/- run differential.
  30. Unsportsmanlike Conduct by any player, coach, or fan will result in removal of said person for the remainder of the tournament.
  31. A copy of each player’s birth certificate must be available for proof of age.  These will be checked prior to each team’s first game or at the Coach’s Meeting.