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May, 2023

Playoff Rules

Playoff Rules

*Does not include Rookie Divisions

You can locate your division's bracket by going to your team page and selecting "Brackets" from the left hand side.

Coaches - please enter your scores ASAP following your games so that your schedule/ brackets populate the next game.

*Games/ times are subject to change


Home/ Away will be decided by pre-game coin flip

Double Elimination Tournament (2nd loss is final game), turn in equipment after 2nd loss.

Time Limit: No Drop Dead Time

A, A-Adv, AA, AA-Adv, & AAA - Majors - No Inning Past 1:45

Int/ Jun/ Sen No Inning Past 2:15/ No Drop Dead (if scheduled for 2.5 hours); games scheduled as 2 hours are No Inning Past 1:45/ No Drop Dead

In event of Tie (if an inning starts past No New Inning Time): Each 1/2 inning starts with last out on 2B, 1 out, and every batter starts with 1-1 count.

*Too Dark/ Bad Weather - Game will resume 30 minutes prior to the start of the next game on the schedule.

*Minimum Game Time is determined by the time played (minimum number of Innings is void)


Baseball - Standard pitch count rules

Softball - AA thru Majors - 12 innings max per day, more than 6 innings requires 1 day of rest (no max per week)

SB Jun-Sen - No restrictions

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