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Apr, 2024

A Note from our Chiefs of Umpires

From: Umpire-In-Chiefs for Georgetown/Hudsonville Spring Little League.   [Please read! And share with grandparents if needed.]  

Your son or daughter is playing in a division that uses youth umpires. It is very important that you understand that our youth umpire program is designed to train and teach new umpires.   

They are learning to improve just like the players on the field.   

According to a recent survey, spectators are the #1 reason umpires quit, even more so than coaches.   

PLEASE do not comment on balls/strikes or safe/out judgment calls. We’ve been working on training for the last month and several of these young people are really excited…many have no idea what they are getting into. HELP MAKE THEIR experience positive so they can learn and improve before they start to hear complaints from behind the fence.  
REMEMBER: Most youth umpire parents are watching them umpire. You wouldn’t want them belittling and making negative comments about your child’s playing ability. They don’t want to hear you do that toward their son or daughter either.  

Thank you for reading and being a positive parent spectator.  

Marvin Heyboer - Umpire In Chief Georgetown Little League
Aaron Rossin - Umpire in Chief Hudsonville Little League

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